Hello, and welcome to my website.  I am a former Marine once a member of the United States Marine Corps and am proud of my service.  Scroll down for more on each page as these sites are a great wealth of information and learning.  As a Christian Marine I stand for the Sabbath as Saturday, I stand for Jews and the Jewish nation, I pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and my Bibles are the King James, and anything that outdates it.  Thanks for Visiting!

Former Marine Corporal Gordon, D.L.

I am in a war with the Devil and he is losing.  I had to laugh at the Devil and praise God since my text was just lost.  You have come to a very important site as I am placing important videos about things you don't hear in the corrupt media.  Please click on Important Videos.  ​

If this page is working properly and is in the search engines on new years 2017 it is not from me but from God.  I just bought the domains two days ago and only God can rank them this quickly.  AMEN...

I checked a day later and this page and some other pages already ranked.